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Pains in the back part of the body is one of the major and common complaints of human beings, especially the ones who are already in their older adulthood age, basically ranging from thirty-five to fifty-five years old, that is why people who are still on their younger age should be more conscious of their health and to take good care of their body to prevent the development of certain health conditions that may affect their lives in the future. Medical specialist says that there are various reason as to why an individual has felt pain on their back, such as for the upper back pain it may be cause by any disorders of the aorta, spine inflammation and tumors on the chest area, while for the lower back pain it may be cause by the skin in the lumbar area, the ligaments around the spine and discs, pelvic internal organs, abdomen, lower back muscles, spinal cord and nerves, bony lumbar spine and the disc between each vertebra. Some of the common risk factors of back pain includes pregnancy, stressful work or jobs, sedentary lifestyle, anxiety, age, depression, obesity or overweight, gender, smoking, strenuous physical work and exercises, and some of the common signs and symptoms of such health condition may include fecal and urinary incontinence, difficulty of urinating, pain down the legs up to the knees, swelling or inflammation of the back, fever, weight loss, persistent back pain, and numbness around the buttocks, anus and genital area.

The common remedies done by the people in order to relieve themselves from back pain is to take a pain reliever medicine, but if the pain will still persists and the signs and symptoms may be evident, then the patient should definitely seek a doctor or the spine and back specialist to help them out with their health condition, such as diagnosing the cause of the pain with the use of diagnostic test and equipment, so that they will be able to identify the treatment which is appropriate for the patient. The common surgical procedures for the spine that are done by a spine surgeon includes discectomy, partial removing of the vertebra, artificial disc insertion and insertion of gone graft, but this kind of remedy and treatment is very rare to be suggested by a spine and back specialist but if the pain is really sever and a nerve compression is the cause for that which will basically lead to muscle weakness, then a spine surgery will be suggested and recommended for treatment. Efficient spine surgeon and spine specialist can be found in all parts of the world, and the people who wants to find one in their local area can do so by using the internet, phone directories or from the word of mouth or suggestions of friends and families.

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